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"Pinyin learning-Pinyin learning" helps you quickly master Chinese pronunciation and Chinese word meaning using Pinyin.

"Pinyin learning-Pinyin learning" is a professional Chinese Pinyin learning platform. This APP provides Chinese to Pinyin learning, Chinese usage scene learning, Chinese character learning, learn initials, learn finals, learn overall syllables, learn single finals tones, learn complex finals Tones, learn the nasal tones, learn the overall recognition of syllable tones several major modules, can help you gradually master the basic pronunciation of Chinese and understanding of Chinese characters.

"Pinyin learning-Pinyin learning" feature

* Chinese to Pinyin

Support Pinyin for Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese, so that you can learn the correct pronunciation of Chinese. You can convert the text you paste or input into voice playback.

* Chinese usage scene learning

Contains dozens of dialogue scenes in Chinese and English, to help you quickly learn various dialogue scenes in Chinese, is your quick way to get started in Chinese.

* Chinese Character Learning

Including thousands of commonly used Chinese pronunciations, master these Chinese characters, you can know their correct pronunciation.

* Learn initials, learn finals, learn overall syllables, learn single finals, compound syllables, learn nasal finals, learn overall syllables

Including various pronunciation exercises to learn Chinese Pinyin (Pinyin pronunciation is similar to the phonetic symbols in English), familiar with him, you can know how to spell each Chinese character, it is your required skills to master the pronunciation of Chinese characters

Highlights of "Pinyin Learning-Pinyin learning"

* Each Chinese character or Pinyin letter supports click pronunciation, you can click him to complete pronunciation practice.
* Supports direct playback of speech in almost all languages ​​of the world (including Chinese and English, of course), you can convert pasted or entered text into speech playback
* Support pinyin color, text color, and background color settings, easy to generate personalized interface
* Support to adjust pinyin or text size separately to protect eyesight
* Support one-key to generate pictures and automatically copy the generated pinyin and text content, easy to paste to other places