CodeMaster - Mobile Coding IDE

--Code Editor , SFTP & SSH

"CodeMaster" is a more powerful program development tool, code editing tool and code viewing tool on mobile devices. It integrates SFTP function and SSH client.


• SFTP, SSH, various code preview and editing, zip, gz, tgz, tar code package decompression view.
• Transfer files across devices via WiFi, you can easily transfer various files from your computer and mobile phone to the "working directory".
• Support WebDAV function, support to manage files through WebDAV, and manage files in the "working directory" like using a mobile hard disk.
• File download function, support remote download file (code file or other files) view.
• Open the code file in any APP on your phone or open the code file on iCloud for editing and saving.
• Store the edited code in the database and add comments to facilitate your version control. Any changes can be recorded, queried and backed up.
• Export or share the code you write to any place, such as iCloud, printer, other APP or friends.
• Highlight codes in more than 100 languages ​​.
• Automatic recognition of code type files, you do not need to select any code type, "CodeMaster" will automatically open the corresponding editor to highlight the code.
• Dozens of theme styles, you can choose your favorite theme from a variety of themes, and support preview when selecting a theme.
• More than 60 functional menu customization configurations (such as saving the edited content to the database, code folding, code query, search, replacement, etc.).
• Powerful composable language mode system (for example, you can write HTML, CSS, JS, PHP on one page at the same time).
• Code completion, such as automatic completion of tags, brackets, double quotes, etc.
• Customize editor properties, such as display line numbers, code folding, code read-only, label matching and other operations.
• Code mixing tips (such as html, css, js, etc. can also be mixed in the file).
• Code custom prompts, you can add content that needs to remind yourself, such as uncommon coincidences, text content, etc.
• Automatic code segmentation. When you open the code file, the code file will automatically perform high-quality word segmentation on the code. When entering the password, the input content will automatically match the word segmentation content, thus shortening the time to enter the password.

Extended support functions

"Code Master" not only supports opening code files, but also supports almost all files on mobile devices
Supports you to open most document files, such as Office series files PPT, PDF, doc, etc.

►The following subscription plans apply:
• Monthly subscription (includes a 3-day free trial period), the monthly cost is $3.99
• Annual subscription (includes a 3-day free trial period), the annual cost is $20.99

The above prices are in U.S. dollars. Pricing may be different in other countries, and the actual price can be converted into the local currency according to different countries.

►Information about automatic renewal:
• Payment will be deducted from the iTunes account when confirming the purchase.
• The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current validity period
• We charge the account for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current validity period. The cost depends on the selected package
• After purchase, users can manage subscriptions, and can also turn off automatic renewal in "Account Settings"
• When the user purchases the package, any unused part (if any) of the free trial period will be invalid

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List of Supported Languages

APL, ASN.1, Asteriskdialplan, Brainfuck, C, C++, C#, Ceylon, Clojure, ClosureStylesheets (GSS), CMake, COBOL, CoffeeScript, CommonLisp, Crystal, CSS, Cypher, Cython, D, Dart, Django (templatinglanguage), Dockerfile, diff, DTD, Dylan, EBNF, ECL, Eiffel, Elixir, Elm, Erlang, Factor, FCL, Forth, Fortran, F#, Gas (AT&T-style assembly), Gherkin, Go, Groovy, HAML, Handlebars, Haskell (Literate ), Haxe, HTML embedded (JSP, ASP.NET), HTML mixed-mode, HTTP, IDL, Java, JavaScript (JSX), Jinja2, Julia, Kotlin, LESS, LiveScript, Lua, Markdown (GitHub-flavour), Mathematica, mbox , mIRC, Modelica, MscGen, MUMPS, Nginx, NSIS, N-Triples/N-Quads, ObjectiveC, OCaml, Octave (MATLAB), Oz, Pascal, PEG.js, Perl, PGP (ASCIIarmor), PHP, PigLatin, PowerShell ,Propertiesfiles,ProtoBuf,Pug,Puppet,Python,Q,R,RPM,reStructuredText,Ruby,Rust,SAS,Sass,Spreadsheet,Scala,Scheme,SCSS,Shell,Sieve,Slim,Smalltalk,Smarty,Solr,Soy,Stylus , SQL (severaldialects), SPARQL, Squirrel, Swift, sTeX, LaTeX, Tcl, Textile, Tiddlywiki, Tikiwiki, TOML, Tornado (templatinglanguage), troff (formanpages), TTCN, TTCNConfiguration, Turtle, Twig, VB.NET, VBScript, Velocity, Verilog/SystemVerilog, VHDL, Vue.jsapp, WebIDL, XML/HTML, XQuery, Yacas, YAML, YAMLfrontmatter, Z80